Setup Your Own Cloud Platform + WebUI Wireguard Manager

The following post will quickly guide you to setup your own virtual private cloud platform along with Wireguard, PiHole-DNSCrypt, and IP filtering. I’ll do this through Mistborn, a series of scripts that will set up the cloud platform automatically with one command line. I’ll be using a KVM-based instance that runs an up-to-date Debian Bullseye […]

Guides NAT VPS

Setup AdGuard Home on a NAT VPS

Here is a simple guide to set up Adguard Home on a NAT VPS. What is AdGuard Home? AdGuard Home is a network-wide ad-and-tracker blocking DNS server. Its purpose is to let you control your entire network and all your devices, and it does not require using a client-side program. At the same, AdGuard Home […]